Temples – Leadmill – 4th December

templesKlaus Johann Grobe are the first band on stage this evening and deliver an eclectic performance.

Their music is interesting, but the sheer length of some of their songs that don’t really go anywhere finds you wondering when it will all end. They’re closely followed by the delightful Superfood, whose songs are brief, joyous bubbles of bouncy guitar riffs and catchy melodies, layered with dynamic vocal lines and pitch perfect harmonies, potentially the most fun band to watch live ever.

Which brings us to Temples. Their modern take on 60s psychedelia made their debut Sun Structures a highlight of the year, and it takes on new life in a live setting. The band are tight as a nut, and the warped, vibrant projections on the screen behind them, (all done live with use of an OHP projector, some ink and baby oil), are similarly impressive. It all makes for a performance that commands your attention, and the sultry stomp of ‘A Question isn’t Answered’ was a definite highlight, the whole audience participating as one.

The whole experience takes you away somewhere else other than Leadmill on a cold winter night, which is what a good gig’s all about really isn’t it?

Review by Jack Bendall

Pic by Hana Harrison

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