The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – (PS4)

Binding-of-isaacThe Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is possibly the greatest value for money currently on the market. For just ten pounds, there are literally hundreds of hours of gameplay to be had from it, assuming of course
you didn’t get it for free in the August PS Plus giveaway.

A simple twin stick shooter, but with a surprising amount of depth, BOI is all about the powerups.
There are hundreds of different types of powerup available, and with the game being procedurally  generating, you will never have the same run twice. The depth comes from learning which items do  what BEFORE picking them up and potentially ruining a good run. Add the fact that items synergise with each other to produce amazing effects and you have a game that constantly rewards.

The game is no pushover either. You will have many, many unsuccessful runs, but the more you complete tasks, such as clearing one area so many times etc, then you will unlock even more
powerups to appear in your playthroughs. Also more characters will be unlocked with a variety of different starting buffs/nerfs to keep you entertained for longer.
The game also has quite complex themes that are not reflected in its cutesy art styling. An undercurrent of religious zealotry leading towards child abuse is prevalent and the game constantly cause you to question what the fate of Isaac is in reality, until finally unlocking the ending that reveals the truth.

All in all, one of the greatest releases of 2014.

By Ants Ambridge

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