The Escapists PS4

The-Escapists_0715There have been many visual throwbacks of late, with fat pixels appealing to the hipster crowd, eager to show themselves in an authentic ‘down from day one’ light. 

Where The Escapists excels, though, is actually evoking the feel of one of those 8-bit titles. The hectic pace brings to mind the antics of a Monty Mole game, or Skool Daze. It’s a good capture.

Whilst The Escapists paints itself as a jailbreak game, its bulk is better described as a prison life simulator—with daily timed events that need to be attended (mealtimes, work, and exercise)­—and fitting the escape plan inbetween. It’s not a cakewalk, either; little is explained, and trial and error rules here – it ain’t one for the run-and-gun crew.

If you’ve got the brain (and patience) chops, you’ll dig on this. Loads.

By Hal Walker

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