The Matt Willoughby Band @ The Greystones 4/12/12

The fresh-faced Matt Willoughby takes to the stage by his lonesome, in the opening songs of the night.
Despite his youthful disposition, his is an air of comfortable stage awareness, happily and effortlessly engaging in banter and song introductions.
As he is joined mid-set by his new band mates (hence the ‘band’ suffix up there), the pace picks up somewhat, with local face Chris Firminger throwing down some tasty lead.
It all led up to a balls to the wall rock and roll number—with both Matt and Chris taking turns to squeal out the solos—ending in a tidy and practised ‘introduce the band’ style outro. This was their first gig but, God willing, it won’t be the last time we catch them.

Review by Hal Walker Pic by Chris Saunders

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