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Bohicas_0815On a rainy afternoon in Sheffield, my day was significantly brightened by the energetic tone of Dominic McGuinness; the man in charge of vocals and guitar for rock n roll band, The Bohicas. We talked weather, kidnapping fans and square headed radio presenters for you to enjoy.

How’s it going?

‘It’s all good. I’m just at home in Essex, it’s decent weather here at the minute, there’s a bit of sun but I don’t doubt it’ll piss off soon – as usual. We’re just off the back of 3 big festival gigs which were lots of travelling and early mornings but they were fucking wicked. Before now, festivals have only really wanted us to do 20/30 minute slots but now they’re asking for 50 and we’re just like, our album is only 40 minutes – so we’ve been going through some old material that didn’t quite make it on to the album and reworking it, which has been a lot of fun.’

Your album The Making Of drops in August, what can we expect to hear from it?

‘You can expect to hear… an album! The things we release are really high energy guitar with pumping riffs but the album mixes in a lot of melodic and groovy tracks, the stuff that hasn’t been released as singles. It has more vocals and we’ve got a lot more harmonies in there, we love The Beach Boys and The Beatles so we’ve tried to channel that. We recorded it before last summer and released ‘XXX’ as a single which caught wind and ended up getting loads of radio play and festival requests, we even went to Japan and Australia – all on the back of one song. So it’s been a lot of working on the mixes of the songs to make sure they’re right before releasing it this month.’

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you guys?

‘The rest of the year is set to be busy, no doubt. October is totally blocked with touring starting off in the UK and then over to Europe. I guess we’ll be releasing another single too, they’re always such a last minute thing where the label or management are like: ‘right! Time for another single’ and we just end up being like: ‘oh fuck. Ok. Uhm, do you not wanna think about it- no? Right then.’

What’s your favourite kind of gig? Indoors and intimates or outdoors and festivals?

‘It all depends. I always say it’s the indoor gigs, especially lately since we’ve been doing our own headline gigs after being a support band for so long. Festivals are weird ‘cause you’re constantly having to win people over by being all: ‘WOAH! Check me out I can play the fucking guitar, yeahhhh!’ but at your own gig, people have come to see you, they’re your own crowd and you aren’t having to kidnap them from other bands. Buuuut festivals have that whole party vibe thing going on, you go to a field to forget about the boring shit happening in your life, though there is the rain to contend with – about five years ago I was playing in my brothers band and we were on at Bestival, so we drove all that way and found out when we got there that the stage had sank; “yeah, the stage you’re supposed to be on is now just a bubbling bit of mud, sorry about that’”.’

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be and why?

‘Shit! Oh, it doesn’t have to be achievable? Ooh that’s interesting. I guess anything achievable would seem really boring, but then again, using your wildest imagination to come up with something unachievable brings stuff like astronauts; which actually seems really boring. I think I’d have something to do with cartoons, I’m getting really into comics and I’ve always enjoyed cartoons so yeah – maybe to live as Seth McFarlane does, he’s got a nice carry on. Myself and Dominic [Jon. Vocals & guitar] were on Radio 4 with that guy, Clive something – with the square head – ANDERSON! We did a session as the band on his show and the producers asked if we wanted to hang around cause Seth McFarlane was coming in – we totally fangirled.’

What’s your favourite track off the new album?

‘Adrien [Vocals & Bass] and I were talking about this, and we agreed that there’s difference between what our favourite to listen to is and what our favourite to play live is. To listen to, it’s ‘Only You’ and to play live it’s definitely ‘Swarm’ – that one is high energy but it’s only two chords so I don’t really do much, it was designed for me to do as little as possible!’

Words by Ellie Greenfield.
Pic by Gaelle Beri

You Leeds Fest earlybirds can catch The Bohicas on the Dance to the Music Stage on the Thursday (27th August). Make sure to check their debut The Making Of
out August 21st.

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