Tramlines 2014

09.31 – Monday

Urgh. Post Tramlines hangover. After watching The Cribs me and Duncan had a few beers in the hospitality area (oh, how posh) and decided to head up to The Harley. Toast’s designer text me saying he was at Revolution De Cuba watching the mariachi band that found fame on the Doritos advert. I told him I couldn’t believe I’d forgot about that and he owed me a 200 word review. It’s yet to materialise but I can offer you some cherry picked quotes from his texts. ‘It’s a bit crackers in here,’ ‘This band is awesome,’ and ‘okay. They just played The Final Countdown.’ I think he had good un.

Me and Duncan skipped up to The Harley and called in at Betty’s fish and chip shop on the way. I think I got offered a job. My memory is a little hazy from here on out. I’m pretty certain I knocked back their offer but did enjoy some chips. The Harley was rammo as per with Awesome Tapes From Africa providing the soundtrack. Duncan and I busted a few moves and a few more beers, we made some friends and then we made tracks. He convinced me to share a taxi with him despite it going nowhere near my house but I did enjoy my slow stumble home reflecting on what a truly wonderful weekend Tramlines is.

This year’s efforts were particularly spectacular and I think I have to say that Saturday this year was hands down the best day of the festival ever. That shit was off the chain. So thank you to everyone involved in the festival and thank you to each and every one of you for turning out and being part of the party.

I will say this though, while you’re nursing your hangover and trying to convert those short term memories into long term ones, remember that Sheffield is a bountiful city where music is concerned and its talents aren’t just showcased at Tramlines. Get out into the city and support its local music scene on the regular.

I am going back to bed.

19.30 – Sunday

Hats off to the woman helping people cross the road. She really loves providing safe passage. Duncan took a photo of her doing a swell job. I’ll sling it up when he sends it.

IMG_3389 copy

I managed to hear some Lewis Watson while sat having a beer. The crowd was stronger than I expected, the green littered with people all looking positively merry and ready for a party. By the looks of it Sunday is by no means a wind down day.

From what I saw the crowd didn’t get into The Rifles too much. That just may be a comment on my passing visit or the particular song they were playing at the time, mind.

The Cribs shamed it and the crowd lapped it up. I was never a fan of them because to me, they were epitomised by drunken lads stumbling about at festivals with their tops off singing the hook from ‘Men’s Needs.’ That wasn’t very fair of me and I’m glad I took the time to look into their back catalogue because as they said yesterday, ‘we’re a mosher band from Wakefield.’ I was really surprised, and genuinely happy, when they launched into ‘Back To The Bolthole.’ Their high octane antics were matched by the crowd. Its always enjoyable to see some crowd surfing.

IMG_3426 copy


IMG_3442 copy

14.56 – Sunday

How bloody bob on is the Folk Forest? The sun is out once again and a whole heap of people have turned up with picnic blankets and kids in tow. I got here and I struggled to find a place to sit, finally setting on a precarious slope right at the back.I managed to catch the back end of Laura James & Lyres set which seemed to have gone down a storm with the ever gathering crowd and Duncan sang their praises having arrived before me. Nat Johnson and her band took to the stage, embracing the sunshine with their darling set that fit the mood perfectly.

IMG_3361 copy

13.11 – Sunday

Third and final day. The Folk Forest is beckoning.

IMG_3327 copy

23.51 – Saturday

Tramlines you are amazing.

IMG_8942 copy

23.20 – Saturday

Phew. What a day. I grabbed some nosebag from the Mexican outlet after watching P.E. I heard splatterings of Renegade Brass Band’s set in between conversations with friends. They sounded stellar, as is usual fair for the 12 strong outfit, and played a great version of DJ Kool’s ‘Let Me Clear My Throat.’ They certainly didn’t look scared following Public Enemy which is a testament to their abilities.

Clubs & Spades are a Sheffield outfit making Hip Hop. I was fortunate enough to interview them a few months ago and know how much hard work the four of them put into their music. An explosive start was followed by an even more explosive set. Matic Mouth ended up in the crowd at one point. I think they will have made a lot of fans today and quite rightly so.

Someone proposed. On the main stage. Everyone loved it.

Everyone likes disco. It’s just one of life’s facts. Hats off to Tramlines for capatalising on that fact and booking one of the finest disco acts in history. Once again the stage must have been at capacity as the headliners took the stage. Their set was fun inducing and nostalgic in equal measure. Listening to their set it really drove home just how many fantastic tunes Sister Sledge lay claim to. At one point the band were joined on stage by some guys who I think they’d pulled from the audience. (I had a quick bar run) One of them started by busting a few more moves before launching into some killer break dancing. The crowd went bat shit. By the end of their set Sister Sledge had the whole of Devonshire Green throwing their finest disco moves. I looked out over the crowd full of smiling faces and thought, ‘how can anyone not be moved by music?’ The atmosphere was incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed today.

IMG_8860 copy

IMG_8913 copy

18.21 – Saturday

Wow, that was a bit special. As the sun beat down on the capacity crowd Public Enemy took to the stage for arguably the biggest and certainly the most anticipated set of the weekend. The act who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year certainly showed why they were deserving of such an accolade. Chuck D and Flavor Flav interacted with the crowd throughout a time-spanning set that included crowd pleasers such as ‘Don’t Believe The Hype,’ ‘Harder Than You Think’ and ‘Fight The Power.’ We even got a couple of appearances from S1W which was a pleasant surprise. This gig will be talked about in Sheffield for some time.

IMG_8823 copy


IMG_8801 copy


IMG_3225 copy

16.40 – Saturday

Don’t believe the hype, but Public Enemy are about to go on the main stage. The queue is certainly the biggest one I’ve ever witnessed at the festival.

IMG_3246 copy

14.31 – Saturday

Day two. Tramlines coming for ya.

IMG_3210 copy

15.40 – Saturday

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

IMG_3125 copy


IMG_8603 copy


IMG_8691 copy


IMG_3183 copy

I reckon you’ll be able to find more images on Duncan’s website.

10.23 – Saturday

While I spent my time at The Red Deer, Duncan stuck his head in at the main stage to see Friday night headliner Katy B. Her bubbly set was equal parts old and new and could have continued long into the night. Once I’d done with the boozer I ended up at the Rise club night. Apparently Rise was a bit of a staple on the Sheffield clubbing scene but I’m far too young to remember that. The Leamill was full of folks having a proper knees up and it was thoroughly enjoyable to dance into the night to some classic house.

21.45 – Friday

So I need to tell you all something. Me and Duncan have split up. We’re sad but we’re thinking about the kids. He’s took them to the main stage and I’m at The Red Deer who have cheekily named their weekend ‘Bypass.’ What wasn’t cheeky however, was Warrilow.

The bastion of folk (yup, I just typed that. Apologies) played a stellar set that swerved the folk genre. Playing to a pub full of supporters, Warrilow  enchanted the whole crowd. He debuted two new songs, both of which were delightful and warming on the ears.

e would like to think this young gentleman has a bright future in front of him. Check out his Soundcloud and tell him Toast sent you.

21.35 – Friday

First gig of the night down. Saw Allusondrugs at the Millennium Galleries.

I had the fortune to sit down with singer Jason before the gig and we had a chat over a beer in the dressing room. More of that tomorrow.

When I sat down with Justin he said to me, “would you rather go to an okay gig or an amazing gig?” Turns out Allondrugs only peddle amazing gigs. Only today they have been confirmed to play Reading & Leeds Festival and I’m not allowed to mention the tour they’re off out on in the near future with a nationally recognised band.

Energetic from the off the five-piece launched into a high-octane set that far exceeded my expectations. No wonder their new EP ‘Nervous’ has garnered so many good reviews and kind words.

As the band introduced ‘Migraine’ Justin quipped, “feel free to dance and look as special as you like, you’re all unique. All beautiful.”

A truly solid start to the weekend. I wish they played longer, I wished people danced more. More from these soon.

P.S. Duncan is much slower than me. He will be uploading his pictures tomorrow.

19.31 – Friday

Getting ready to see Allusondrugs who have just confirmed they are playing Reading & Leeds Festival. I can hear them soundchecking. Reckon this is going to be a good way to kick things off.

17.56 – Friday


Visited four cash machines on Division Street and West Street and they were all out of order.

The city’s ATMs obviously haven’t visited this website.


16.40 – Friday


Hello, and welcome friends, visitors and randomers. We at Toast are going to try and do some actual proper journalism this year and review the splendor that is Tramlines, live. Well, WiFi depending.

This year your intrepid team of reviewers are Duncan Stafford on lens duties and Sam Briggs on word configuration. Duncan has a proper website here. Sam has a half-arsed website here. They are both on Twitter: Duncan / Sam

The Sun is most certainly out (I’ve applied suncream twice already) and I may or may not have had a cheeky gin.

Onwards and upwards, as they say.


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