Tramlines Ale Launch @ Smoke Barbeque 9th July 2014

smokeMy job is a tough one, and Tramlines do their hardest to make it as God-awful as possible.

Once again I was forced to trudge out into a lovely summer evening and visit Smoke Barbecue for the launch of the Tramlines Ale. I’m ‘one of those vegetarians’ so I didn’t sample the ample feat of meat but I was told that the pulled pork was everything it should be (moist, tasty, soft) and more (delightful). It was a welcome surprise when I was served some veg chilli which offered a wonderful depth of smoky flavour. The Tramlines ale was on point too (I had three jars just to be sure) so get your lips around some this festival. It’s an Abbeydale brew, which their fella Robin described as a, “combination of four hop varieties balanced by a subtle sweet maltiness with a lingering bitter finish.”
It’s a hard life mine, but I left full, merry and looking forward to Tramlines.

Review by Sam Briggs

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