Until Dawn – (PS4)

UNtil-DawnIt’s been a long time coming and the original idea to be a sales-killing PS Move-only game was thankfully shelved.

Until Dawn has finally arrived and has significantly raised the bar for games of this ilk.

Horror is a perfect genre for a game such as this, as most characters are usually fodder to whatever killer/ spirit/ monster the medium is about. Until Dawn has a cast of disposable (supposed) teens that can all die or all survive depending on your choices. It successfully plays with all horror tropes in a variety of ways; in some instances it will have a predictable jump scare, but at other times it’ll play up to that anticipation, lulling you into a false sense of security, before quickly throwing you into a tense situation.

There is very little in the way of gameplay, other than moving the character and pressing x to examine objects. The tension is built up using the QTEs which have an increasingly quick timer on each press and consequently cause a much more panicked response. The story is the real draw here, mixing predictability with new ideas in equal balance, and is all the more engrossing for it.
Unlike other games of this type, there’s a value to be had from replaying the game. Scares that come from out of nowhere may be missing, and dialogue choices can change character relationships affecting how they will react if certain characters are in danger. Or, indeed, already dead.  Whilst a curio, certainly, it is nonetheless a piece of future gaming history.

Ants Ambridge

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