Win a pair of Weekend tickets to Leeds Fest 2015

Leeds_festival_0315The festival is returning for its 16th year in the game.

Crikey. So cause we’re well nice and the lovely peeps that run this ever anticipated weekend are smashing, we’re giving our dashing readers (that’s you) the chance to win a pair of tickets.
So that’s a full, music-filled weekend, camping and everything, free. Nice one. You’d be silly not to enter this one. With many more acts to be announced in the upcoming weeks, there’s always a little moment where you pause to get tickets in
case you aren’t a fan of those who grace the stage, but with this?

You might just get it for free so what do you have to lose? Get your floral headbands and neon Day-Glo paint ready for when you win this one; you’re gonna need ‘em.


We’ll pull this at the end of the month.

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